New Album

I realized I haven’t written anything in a while. I have a lot to write about! I am currently vacationing in Michigan and loving the break from the Richmond humidity-my guitar not so much! She’s having a lot of trouble staying in tune due to the temperature changes.
Anyway,before I left for vacation, I wrote and recorded my second album. This go around I have decided to record and fund the album myself. From mastering the album to the artwork for the cover, I want this album to intrigue, surprise, and most importantly connect with each and every listener.
The album includes solo guitar pieces as well as tunes I played vocals, drums, bass, keys, matchbooks, pipes, shakers, brooms, dogs barking in background, etc. I intentionally left for vacation as soon as I finished. I look forward to returning home, adding the bells and whistles to a few tracks, and getting all the levels on the tunes even.
I cannot wait to share this music with you!

Stay Tuned,

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