All About That Banjo

I was surprised to receive a banjo this past Christmas. Honestly, I was nervous about the responsibility that comes with learning a new instrument. I had a tough time getting used to the banjo-especially restringing it! Since then, I’ve pulled together a nice collection of banjo tunes. Some songs are instrumental and some are singer/songwriter with banjo instead of the usual guitar. I installed an EMG pickup on my banjo and it sounds fantastic!

Anyhow, the awesome staff at Kitchen On Cary (weekly gig on Thursday from 5:30-8:30) encouraged me to start playing banjo as part of my gig. The reception has been great and I can’t thank them enough for embracing and encouraging the idea. The banjo takes me to a happy, humble place. The comments I’m receiving from both staff and patrons have earned the banjo a permanent slot on Thursdays.

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